Monday, January 10, 2011

01.11.11 . . . We are LIVE!

SKULLSHIFTER has just put the finishing touches on a self-produced video for the previously released single 'Strain,' from the full length CD 'Inner Demons.' The video is available for viewing both on YouTube through the band's newly established channel, located at: and on the band's official website:

Strain presents a grim vision of the daily grind endured by anyone struggling to get by in today's workforce...where every day presents a new challenge to survive. The video captures the dark world of SKULLSHIFTER in conceptual and live performance, conceived and co-directed by Tom Nolz and photographer/cinematographer Jolene Oldham.

In the words of guitarist/vocalist Tom Nolz: "The creative process. It's not just a part of what we's what we live for. now, video. No matter how we express our ideas and visions, it all comes down to the process. Time, commitment, energy and teamwork are all part of what it takes, and the band stepped up big to accomplish what we did with Strain."

For a limited time, Skullshifter is offering free CDs in promotion of the video. For details, visit the Skullshifter website.